Our Core Focused Areas

Helplife programs provide focused interventions in the fields of physical disability,
education, maternal and child health, community-based interventions and rehabilitation.

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Vulnerable communities

people living with disabilities, widows, orphans, pregnant women, old age problems, people living with HIV and AIDS, transgender, communicable diseases and cancers.


From families that are disadvantaged for many reasons and cannot afford to educate their children.


Use a holistic approach to development for breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty.

Helplife Programs

Care Helplife

Care Helplife program is for pregnant women creating awareness around safe motherhood, self care, love and compassion for the baby to come. Creating an enabling environment for pregnant women free from anxiety or other emotional or societal pressures.

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Impact Delivered by your Donation


Pregnancies registered during
medical camps


Antenatal care provided and medical exams conducted


mothers and their newborns supported

Sustain Helplife- Community
Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

An innovative Program was conceptualised to ensure that the underprivileged / disabled people are able to maximise their mental, social, physical and financial abilities, to access regular services and opportunities, to become active contributors to community and become champions of change.

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Impact Delivered by
your Donation


Families enrolled under CBR


Number of People provided with small businesses


Number of People counselled during the program


Number of beneficiaries referred for follow up

Equip Helplife

Equip Helplife supports differently-abled girls/boys from rural poor communities, who want to pursue higher education. The program is a comprehensive framework that delivers basic life skills, nutrition, medical care, education, vocational training, and holistic living coaching. The program’s purpose is to integrate differently-abled young women and girls, men and boys into mainstream society by empowering them to become professionals and respected members of society.

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Impact Delivered by your Donation


Girls with polio rehabilitated into the mainstream society


Number of men and boys supported for education


Supported for placements in various jobs


Young men and women in partnership at the Jagran platform

Nurture Helplife

Nurture Helplife addresses development goals in the space of community-based rehabilitation, education and care, while offering financial support to young children from primary through to higher education.The program provides support for individuals who come from lower socio-economic backgrounds, including at risk youth populations such as differently-abled groups, children of women suffering from HIV/AIDS, transgender populations, orphans, or young women and children suffering from domestic violence.

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Children supported for education from vulnerable communities


Children waiting to be supported through individual donations

About Helplife

Helplife started as an NGO on 02 June 1999, in the last 23 years of journey at Helplife a number of programs have evolved in education, health, community-based rehabilitation (CBR) in rural Maharashtra.

Empower, Perform And Transform

Through an Integrated comprehensive,minimum package (ICMP) of business model successfully creating inclusive communities through sustainable financial solutions to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty, and therefore is contributing to a total of nine SDGs.

Recognition of our Work

We've received an award from Global Council of International trade (GCPIT), 2022, for setting up small businesses for the poorest of the poor during Covid.


Stories of Transformation

As a donor you empower children with visual impairment to be part of positive and enabling environment through education. Glimpse of stories of visually impaired and blind children who are now independent and achieving their dreams.